CMU Campus
CMU Campus

Campus & Facilities

Caribbean Medical University campus is located in the World Trade Center Curacao (WTC), one of the largest facilities on the island. First two academic years (4 semesters of Basic Medical Sciences) are taught on the island of Curacao in this modern complex situated in the capital of the island, Willemstad.

Renovated in 2002, a US standard, A-class, 20,000 square meter WTC complex features 400-seat auditorium, 12 classrooms, university office, computer lab, library, fitness center, student lounge, 2 restaurants, on-site bank, 200-room guest hotel and 1200-car parking lot. The complex been designed to provide an outstanding teaching environment for up to 2000 students; the safety of all students and employees is provided by 24/7 security personnel and digital monitoring.

The facilities promote teaching and learning, as well as encourage an overall living experience for medical students.


WTC complex

Seat auditorium


Room guest hotel

Parking lots



Students capacity
  • Main Campus
  • Dormitories
  • On-campus Hotel
  • Campus Services
  • U.S. Facilities

Main Campus

The campus is located in Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. It's close to downtown, within a walking distance of all city amenities and transportation. Most of shopping malls and the fast food chains are nearby. The life style is quite similar to North America with all familiar eating's and shopping outlets.

Comprehensive study is promoted to students by providing them with contemporary lecture halls enhanced with audio/visual technology. A convenient cafeteria is available as well as numerous common areas available for study and relaxation.

CMU Main Campus
Other features
  • Fully equipped library and computer center
  • All buildings are air-conditioned
  • High speed wired and wireless internet connection
  • External structures are accommodated with breezeways and shaded areas
  • Includes an atrium and beautiful landscaping
  • Next to Parasasa beach


We are proud to be among only few Caribbean medical schools that provide students with student dormitories.

Caribbean Medical University Dormitories Building
  • Mores than 40 units
  • 20 minutes walking distance from the campus
  • Very competitive monthly rate
  • High-speed wired and wireless Internet connection
  • Cable TV
  • Air condition
  • Microwave
  • Stove
  • Monthly cleaning
  • All rooms are also equipped with student desk

On-Campus Hotel

Clarion Hotel & Suites is attached to the main building and serves as a place to live for our faculty members, administration and visiting professors as well as students, their families and guests. There are 200 single and double apartments available at a very competitive rate.

Clarion Hotel Curacao Building
  • Fitness room
  • Restaurant
  • Handicap ccessible
  • Guest laundromat
  • Outdoor pool
  • Interior room access
  • Cable TV
  • High speed internet access

Campus Services

At Caribbean Medical University, students’ needs are a top priority. To this aim, CMU offers a variety of campus services to make the transition into medical school as smooth as possible and to provide an enriching experience, in addition to delivering medical education.

Computing at CMU

There are over various computers connected to the campus local area network and to the Internet available for student use on the CMU's campus.
Students can also access the Internet using their own computers on campus via wireless (802.11n) connections.
All accepted students are provided with a CMU e-mail address. Orientation Guide includes detailed instructions of how to access the university network and e-mail account.

Library services

Composed of numerous medical books, dictionaries, manuals, CD's and DVD's, CMU's Library has become a great educational resource and an exceptional place to study. The library's services are available from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week excluding holidays and have been designed to provide easy access to our library collections.

Media Center

Overseen by the Library Administration, CMU Media Center functions as the campus multimedia, copying and printing area. It allows students to access digital lectures, online quizzes and resources as well as to print and reproduce professors’ actual lecture notes and other teaching materials. Students may also purchase paper, writing instruments, notebooks, binders, computer necessities and university memorabilia.

Student Cafeteria

Located on the 1st floor of the D Building, the cafeteria is the hub of quite some social activity at CMU.
Once you have your food you can enjoy student life (do your homework, chat with people, check your email, read a newspaper, etc.).The place is open 8am till 5pm.

Housing Advisors

There is a Housing Coordinator appointed by the University, who assists students with settling into the dormitory as well as offers support on off-campus housing. Furthermore the CMU's Housing Coordinator provides information to students about services and facilities available in the local community and assists those who wish to change roommates, switch rooms or improve the units.

Learning Skills Programs

The Learning Skills Program was designed to help any student become efficient and effective learners. This objective can be reached through goals consisting of:

  • Developing new study skills and techniques;
  • Memory improvement;
  • Learning to keep up with your coursework;
  • Improve test preparation and performance skills;

Time Management Assistance
Time Management is an essential element for all students who want to attain their highest level of academic success. Students can receive information on how to create a realistic schedule that includes not only time for studies but also the important daily needs necessary for creating a balanced student life. (Yes, there really can be time to eat, sleep, and have a little fun.)

Multiple Choice Question Assistance
Students are offered an opportunity to improve their overall test-taking skills through workshops and/or individual meetings. These meetings address both ways to prepare for CMU exams as well as techniques to use during the USMLE examination. It is hypothesized that good test taking skills can improve exam scores from 5 to 15 percent.

Academic Advising

A qualified advisor from the Office of the Dean of Students provides counseling service to students and members of their families for problems related to studying or concentrating, test-taking, emotional difficulties, complications of physical illness, or difficulties with spouse, parents, or citalopram, and is strictly confidential. Apart from classroom periods, all professors are readily available for individual consultation with students in their offices during posted office hours.

Educational Assessment Services

The Office of Educational Assessment offers evaluations of teachers, programs and courses, online grades through MYCMU Online Services as well as computerized testing, courses and USMLE reviews.

Course and Instructor Evaluation

  • Developing new evaluation instruments as needed
  • Revising and updating standardized course evaluation instruments through consultations with faculty;
  • Administering evaluation questionnaires;
  • Responding to requests for evaluation reports;
  • Providing interpretations of reports to the Chief Academic Officer;
  • Creating efficient and effective methods of data gathering, analyzing and reporting;

Computerized Test Scoring and Online Grade Reports

  • Developing the existing test scoring and analysis electronic test scanning, scoring and analysis;
  • Providing students with an access to their score results and online grade reports;
  • Consulting students on interpreting test analysis results (e.g., item analysis, score distributions);

Community Services

Students are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities, sporting events, and other exciting projects. Students have the opportunity to join events focusing on general health care, such as mobile clinics to screen for hypertension and diabetes and to promote health awareness.

US Facilities

Students in the Clinical Science Program spend the final two years of their medical education at hospitals and training centers in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Our Clinical Department constantly works hard to get affiliation with preceptors and hospitals from the other states.